Collaboration with Janne van de Weijer.


'With the rise of social media and the growing state of individualism in our society comes the fact that more young women than ever are dealing with mental health problems. Self-harm and suicide rates are going up, while not many more women are going to therapy.


This deck of cards is made to give young women a way to self-reflect and grow their self-love and confidence. To give them something that normalizes therapy and makes it easier for them to understand what is going on, so that they can ask for help when it's needed. To bring together women so they can find strength with each other.


The deck comes with three recommended ways to use it: two to use on your own, and one guide to play with the deck in a group setting. It is very much intended as a conversation tool, as it is open to interpretation and thus can be applied in many different situations.'


Styling / Art-direction: Janne vd Weijer

Models: Paloma Margharita, Ella Gerritsen, Maike Postma, Imme Visser, Jennifer Holder, Athena Gronti